22 September 2009

Raya 2009

This year raya wasn't like past raya.
My hari raya mood came so late~
I went back to Bangi on Friday (which is exactly two days before raya) with Sherry. We split up at KL Sentral because she was heading to Segambut.
As I arrived at UKM KTM Station, my mom picked me up and we went to buy some stuff to be cooked for raya.

I felt happy when I was at home. With the spirit of raya, I help my mom at the kitchen and everyone else was busy with their own duty. For one thing, this year raya is going to be quite suck because we don't have a maid! Urgh.... Imagine that! Doing chores on our own. Oh boy~
Well, I guess we just need to get through it anyway.

The next day, we went back to Batu Pahat with two cars, Mom's and Dad's. Dad needs to get back on the 2nd day of raya because he was going to Colombia for some conference or seminar (I think..but he's doing a presentation there).

We took the Lekas highway and so we didn't have to worry about traffic jam. Three hours on road, we managed to get there around 3PM. When we arrived, my aunt was cooking some dishes for buka puasa. She actually made the hari raya dishes. Yes... So we did buka puasa with ketupat, rendang, kuah kacang & etc. It was awesome!

During my stay there, I did spent some time to chat with my grandmother. I was so sad to see her not in her former shape. She told me in her sad tone how she weren't able to complete her Ramadhan due to her health condition. She nearly cry but I did say something that made her felt better.

On hari raya eve, the surrounding was quite a hectic with the sound of children playing meriam buluh. It went on until 3AM. *wonder how could they stayed up so late??*

I woke up at 7AM and start cleaning the house. Everybody was getting ready & wearing their beautiful & gorgeous baju raya. My family theme colour this year was gold. Golden gold. We did look nice. *wink*

We looked superbly nice!

But as they always said, there's one who tried to be the best so everybody (my siblings) was saying that they have the goldest dress among others. Well, I did involved in that fight too. Haha..

We didn't go to our relatives house but they came to visit us instead since that my grandmother was not in her pinkest of health. Most of my aunts & uncles came with their children. Only then that I've realized that it has been awhile since I last saw my cousins and boy... They do grew up fast. OMG... I sounded like I'm that old to see them from a little baby turned to a big kid. Huhu..
My aunts & cousins keep asking me why am I getting skinnier. Hurm.. How should I answered that? I'm not on diet so I guess studying & working makes me forget about eating. (Kids, don't do this at home. Seriously, don't.)

The first day raya went on well. On the second day, I'm packing up my bag going back to Bangi with Dad, Mira & Wan. It's time to say goodbye to Batu Pahat & hello again Bangi. Three days in Batu Pahat (more specifically Parit Raja) was a short holiday for me before going back to Shah Alam and start resuming my work.

I enjoyed this year raya even we don't have a maid (still SUCK not to have one though~).

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin.

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